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Dec 28, 2013
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It's sure been awhile and I'm sorry to whoever still reads this blog. School and work has definitely pretty much taken over my life. You guys don't know how much I wanted to go back to blogging, but, at least for me, it's too much effort. I haven't found the time to just sit down and blog because I've been so busy with everything. I'm constantly stressed out and I hate it. I hate this semester so much. I can't wait until it's over so I can finally relax a little bit. Oh yeah, preparing for college is a pain in the ass. Especially when I barely have anyone to help guide me through it all. There are so many distractions that disable me from doing what I'm supposed to be doing. I've also been pretty moody with my studies and I can't figure out why and how to stop it. I'm pretty sure you guys don't want to hear me rant so I'll stop here.

Happy holidays everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and year! :D


Aug 22, 2013
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So my sisters and I went to go visit UW Eau Claire yesterday and it was soo frickin hot omg. We had to walk up this long hill and omg my legs died lol. I was sweating so much even though I was wearing shorts ;A; But overall, they have a really nice campus and some really great features, like the river. It's a bit bigger than Stout so there was definitely a lot of walking. Its nice to know that everyone there is fit though considering how big the campus is. We spent about 3 hours there and I just couldn't wait to get inside the car and turn on the air conditioning haha. After that we went to Oakwood Mall since we were in Eau Claire anyways. We went to go eat at Kobe Japanese at the food court. The food there is great! I had the chicken teriyaki. I swear it was so delicious.

Then we went to Ulta. It started thundering and raining when we left it. It looked so nice outside ^^ I bought an American Eagle jean with my own money for the first time (omg how exciting) for 28 frickin bucks... I just had to. It was 40% off too so I thought "hey great deal, right?" e_e Aish no money ;( I also went to Charlotte Russe and got 5 cute undies for 12 bucks. I love these great deals man. Before we left we went to Dairy Queen. I got a Cappuccino Moo Latte! It was so frickin good. I'm craving it now... :(

Well here's a selca I quickly took. I kept forgetting to take photos. Sorry guys! My life sucks :p By the way, I like someone ♥ teehee.

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Aug 1, 2013
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Got a new pair of shoes from H&M! I fell in love with the color and I don't have anything like these so I got them. Surprise: it's like a size or half a size too big on me. I was a bit upset when I tried it on at home, but I don't care because they are so cute! Haha. I definitely need some more shoes in my closet, so hopefully I break into these cute little shoes :)

I got a new Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser Scrub because I ran out of it a few months ago. I also got a new lip butter. I've never tried their lip butters before so I bought it and I love it!

Made pasta the other day with my sisters and it was delicious :3

I'm waiting for my next paycheck so I can go school supply shopping next week hehe. For some reason, I love going school supply shopping. I love seeing a whole bunch of stuff I don't need but really want. Only one more month of summer vacation so I want it to last. There are still a few things I want to do, but it's hard to find the motivation for it haha. 

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