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Nov 14, 2009
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Over the years, ever since I've been editing pictures, I have relied on these amazing people and I just wanted to say thanks. I've finally got the energy to put this post together. This is for everyone who has provided me with their amazing resources. Keep in mind that this list is in no type of order. Most are from DA ♥

Resource Providers:
 ffyunie / downgirl / missesglass / so-ghislaine / jocosity / mr-raindrop-emmabing / ransie3 / shizoo / swimchick / 99mockingbirds / bloomotion / yunyunsarang / night-fate / sa-cool / crazykira / -redux / accio-glow / dei-oh / emmelia / pinkblossom / jaehos / invisibletardis / infint7 / shineunki  / aulxdayz / al-batal / anliah / dyefish / trapunta /

Inspiring Arts/People:
yoyonaki / ybeffect / duijangs / elysepham / aestheticbulimia / shineunki / anliah / dyefish / lady-alucard /



Hi, I go by Valerie on the net, but my real name is Hleeda~ I have a never ending obsession for the men of BIGBANG. I adore penguins and fireworks fascinate me. This is just my own little world.

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