dear ku-ki,

Jan 10, 2010
The Horror Begins... Posted at 11:24 AM 1 comments (+)
Today is Sunday...I hate Sundays -.- Ther's never anything good on TV and its the day before school starts. I have some cleaning to do and some laundry. BLEH! Since my short weekend is almost ending, I better make use of it.. I feel like crap today.

I am so mad ATM. Katekyo Hitman Reborn [manga] hadn't updated for 2 whole weeks now because they're on hiatus or something. But whatever =]

Happy Sunday!
Hi, I go by Valerie on the net, but my real name is Hleeda~ I have a never ending obsession for the men of BIGBANG. I adore penguins and fireworks fascinate me. This is just my own little world.

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