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Jan 15, 2010
TGIF >_^ Posted at 3:57 PM 0 comments (+)
Thank god its Friday! =D So, I am extremely happy and excited today. First of all, I get a 3 day weekend. Nodame Cantabile Finale begins! I cant wait to see all the humerous, music, romance that will be going on again. Darker than Black;Ryusei no Gemini 4 extra episodes(OVA) will start on the 27 so I cant wait to see them.

Ok, so in Algebra our teacher tells us we will be having a midterm test soon. Man, I hate this. I'm not any good in algebra, so I better do good on this midterm test thingy. So he gives us the review which is like 37 Q's. Man, I'm pissed... <_<

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