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Feb 13, 2010
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it is currently 9:23 pm right now. lets see how long i take to finish this post.

i have just finished watching super rookie ep 19. i am so excited, i only have one more episode left. i can now finally finish this drama. it is taking me such a long time to finish this. i got so lazy and took a break from watching it.

anyways... i cant remember my plans for today/everyday. i keep saying to myself that i will do this or i will do that but i just end up not doing them. i need to stop breaking my promises T.T but luckily for me, i ended up doing what i was supposed to do today =] [for once in my life]

my plans; put songs into ipod, finish fanfic first chapter, vacuum, watch super rookie, do laundry, and so on.

i feel so proud of myself. and that is what makes me weird. xP

i havent been so nice lately. i have been feeling so sad and lonely these days, but for some reason i dont feel that way anymore. i dont know but, im in such a good mood today. but then again, i am always happy on saturdays. okay, so 4 day weekend only. i wish it was a week. it feels like my weekend is going by too quickly though. 2 more days till school begins again. T-T

okay, so i said i would write reviews for animes that i have watched. i still havent done that. (sorry mikki and june!) i'll do it when i feel like it, when im bored and has nothing to do, and has done my plans for today.

i dont know if i have already told you this, but i love html-ing. i love creating layouts and stuff. thats why i browse so many layouts on if you havent done this already, please check out this awesome site filled with hmtl and layouts. =] but im sure everyone has done this already..hehe.

i have finished this post at 9:35 pm. it didnt take me that long, my mom wanted me to do something for her, so that wasted a few seconds.

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