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Feb 7, 2010
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I know all the words to the songs from Grease
I have seen a show on Broadway before
I have ran up and hugged a stranger, mistaking them for someone I knew
I have drooled all over my pillow before while in a deep slumber
I’m listening to my favorite song right now
I have/had a mood ring(s)
I have an Apple Mac
I have taken an art class in school before
I have owned a disco ball at one time or another
I can speak fluent Spanish
I’ve been to a roller rink and fallen flat on my butt
I can write in Japanese (WTF way to spell it “japenese”. lol wow. w/e fixed it. was bugging me.)
I have been hospitalized for more than a month before due to a terrible injury
I would streak for 50 bucks
I have pole danced before just for fun
I have a ridiculously large purse
I have ridden a camel before
I love carnivals and fairs
I have spent the whole day at the mall and just walked around
I live/lived/visited in Germany
I love to people-watch at the airport
I don’t have a favorite flower
I have seen the movie Love Actually
I have a lot of random shit hanging on the walls of my bedroom
I drink as much milk as I’m recommended to
I keep my movie ticket stubs
I’m going to go see a play or musical soon
I have visited Mount Rushmore
I have studied abroad before
I don’t drink enough water
I love yogurt
I’m trying to lose weight
I HATE my toes
I’m trying to gain weight
I love the show “True Life” on MTV
I loathe reality TV
I have a MySpace
I have taken a College Algebra math course
I love doing crafts
I can count from 1-10 in two or more different languages
I need to paint my toenails
I like the band The Postal Service
My internet homepage is my email provider’s page
I never send e-mails anymore
I have a cell phone
& I don’t think it’s a piece of trash
I have an iPod/MP3 player
& a really kickass case for it, too
I put my shoes in the dryer
I own my own apartment or home
I still watch the Price is Right and Jeopardy
I’ve played Spin-the-bottle
& I had to kiss this really ugly geeky kid!
If I was a guy, I’d leave the toilet seat up too!
I love to bargain shop
I’m avoiding carbs
I could live off of breakfast cereals
I have/had a pet named something totally cliche like Spotty, Buddy, Fluffy or something similar
I wish I could be a member of the opposite sex for one day
I dislike standardized tests
I hate 90s music
I can’t wear watches because I have too much electricity in my body
I just don’t wear watches because I think they’re ugly
I text in class or at work
I often wake up in the middle of the night and have a midnight snack
I can’t WAIT for summer
It gets really hot in summer where I live
I once wore something that was 5 times too big for me in public
I have been to Canada
I live in Canada
I hate it when guys leave the toilet seat up
I have a really cool 6-CD changer stereo
I own all the CDs from my favorite band
I hate Myspace

My favorite band has a “The” in front of it
All I wear is band teeshirts
I’m a loner
I can speak another language fluently (fluently… ish. XD)
I like Dave Matthew’s Band
I practically live in my pajamas when I’m at home
I love mashed potatoes
I have seen my favorite band in concert more than twice
I love string cheese
I hate The White Stripes
“Gothic” people scare me
I’m homophobic
I visit on a regular basis
I’m going to buy Brokeback Mountain when it comes out on video
I’m religious
I want to move out of this stupid state all ready
I have a certain order in which I put on my socks and shoes
I just ate dinner
I’m a morning person
I want to kill the members of Fall Out Boy, or maybe just rip out their vocal chords
I’m an Anime Nerd
& proud
I have homework to do tonight
I have a High School diploma
I’m home alone right now
I love Chinese take-out
I think sushi is disgusting
& I’ve never even tried it
It’s raining right now
I love listening to old-school Madonna
I’m picky
I’ve volunteered before in my community
I’m always sore
I hate back massages
I give a mean back rub
I’m interested in acupuncture
I love foreign food
I listen to my iPod/MP3/CD player in class or in the office when I’m supposed to be paying attention or working
I fall or have fallen asleep in class
I would never wax my legs, even if you paid me
I have tried Nair before
& it hurt like hell and didn’t work
I suffer from sleep apnea
Someone in my family or someone I know battled cancer and won
I have a shirt hanging in my closet that hasn’t been worn for over 2 years
Snickers is my favorite candy bar
I had an imaginary friend when I was younger
I do my chores every day
My favorite soda is Dr. Pepper
Okay, this survey is going on for way too long
I know the difference between “to”, “two”, and “too”
& when is the appropriate time to use them

I have been to Hawaii before
I want to go on a Cruise
I sleep with 3 or more pillows on my bed at one time
I always read before going to bed
I am/was in Honors, or Advanced English
I passed Geometry the first time I took it
My nails are not painted
I have a song stuck in my head right now
I have watched at least one episode of “Friends” before
Chocolate chip panckaes are pretty much the bomb
I have no clue what IHOP is or stands for
I’m currently avoiding someone (lol always. XD i’m horrible.)
I know morse code
Facial hair hot!
I’ve been dehydrated before
I love to run!
I have a crush on someone right now
& they don’t even know I exist
Bolding surveys are calming
I’m listening to a sad song right now
I still use old-fashioned bar soap to wash myself in the shower
I have an electric toothbrush
I have taken professional studio photos with friends or family
I have seen Steven King’s movie IT
When I was younger, my friends & I always used to make up dances and perform them
I think I’m going deaf
I’m getting bored of this stupid survey all ready
I’m an accident just waiting to happen
I’m so clumsy

I have licked someone else’s shoes before, for money or just because
I’m always indecisive
I have kickass bunny slippers
I need a tissue
I have watched the Disney movie Mulan before
& loved it
I have attended a tea party before
I have seen a bear before, and it wasn’t at the zoo
I have walked in on someone having sex before
The drawers on my dresser don’t close all the way because they’re so full
I hate my 3rd period teacher
I read Manga
I have no clue what Manga is
I used to collect beanie-babies way back when
I sell or buy stuff on eBay
I have been to a museum before
I have plans tonight
I like Spongebob
Captain Hook is one of my favorite Disney villains
I hate the movie The Sound of Music
I need to charge my phone
I like elephants

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