dear ku-ki,

Feb 19, 2010
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this was such a busy week for me. i had so much algebra homework, its not even funny. man, i suck at algebra. im getting a C in that class. well, i finally updated after a week.

im back in graphic mode. since i havent been on photoshop for awhile, i suck. like real bad now. but im not that bad, even though i just said i was bad. bladjkfs.

i want to learn how to write korean and japanese in romaji. i know some words to japanese and korean since i watch alota animes and dramas.

i'm finally back to writing my poems. i'll post it soon =] im on my second chapter of my fanfic. but im too lazy to write it so it may not come out for some time. it may come in next month or so.

my parents are also visiting my sisters in wisconsin next week on feb. 26. i cant go though, idk why T.T. so im gonna be alone with my 2 brothers =] my mom is also taking me shopping tomorrow.

we've been buying yogurt and popcorn and bread[wonder bread] lately. haha.

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