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Mar 6, 2010
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i know today is saturday but oh wells... this happened on friday

at school, we had these long weird conversations...

2nd HR; we started our new project in social studies today. my group is doing the economy and stuff. we kept fighting about the government and the economy and somehow wound up talking about all year long schools and china and smart people. it was so loud, and natasha and erik kept rambling back and forth. :o

3rd HR; in algebra, we took notes on a new section we're about to learn. towards the end of the class, we started talking about how numbers came to be. the teacher started it, so... it was like the students and the teacher were arguing. ["how did the just know the number one?", "thats why i hate math. they just come out of nowhere and is just there", etc.] then we talked about cure for cancer. ["is the medicine out there and we just havent found it or is some doctor making the medicing up?"] yeah, really weird.

4th HR; science movie...blegh

5th HR; the teacher talks about how we dont turn things in, failing our classes.we talked about 25 minutes. :o we complained about how some of the teachers lose our work, dont help us at all, science teacher is weird, math teacher doesnt explain things clearly, tells us things at the last minute. it was actually an interesting conversation and also very funny and fun ^^

6th HR; we were bad when the substitute teacher came in on thursday. our teacher [a guy] got mad at us. i dont blame him since there are 7 bad/rude people in the class. the teacher yelled at us. he let us just sit there silently because we were so bad. i knew this would happen sometime :[

7th HR: art!

i need to catch up on my anime, manga, and fanfix. later!

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