dear ku-ki,

Apr 30, 2010
7 Days Later... Posted at 9:39 PM 0 comments (+)
Okay so... the Washington DC field trip is in action. The people left Thursday night and wont be coming till Tuesday. So I just stayed home on Friday, hehe. We're not gonna do anything important anyways 8)

My lip hurts really bad right now. I hope it gets better ):(

Anyways, no new Bleach/Reborn! this week. I'm really upset. They were both getting to the good parts too!

I really need to stop procrastinating. Like seriously...I'm failing math and I need to study harder :/ I am so mad at math right now >:O

So...after 7 days Im kind of sick. This whole week went by
soooo SUPER slow!

This picture just made my whole day better =] -blush-

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