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Apr 23, 2010
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This whole week felt like I had rebooted. It was the start of a new quarter, so that meant a new 6th and 7th hour class. I had News Media for 6th hour. With my time spent in News Media, I learned it was a class about blogging and discussions. So I guess this class is okay since I like those kind of stuffs ;) For my 7th hour, I had Jury Trials. I wasn’t that excited about this class. I knew you had to present a lot, that’s one reason why I wasn’t that interested in this class in the first place. Plus, I am soo not good with these jury/laws/court vocabs stuff. One reason why I don’t like both my 6th and 7th hour class is: none of my friends are in them! Grr…

Since it’s a new quarter, we got our report cards back. I had all A’s, one B [science], and one C [math]. I was kind of mad because I actually thought I was doing better in math. And science…I hate science. It is so boring and my science teacher is such a dickhead >:[

I am so stressed out right now! I just got done with exams and now I have to deal with projects. We have a long project in Social Studies, 3 parts in it. We’re reading The Diary of Anne Frank play version in L.A. Our project is we need to have a diary and respond to these prompts our teacher wrote. It has to be a full page long. And since I decided to choose font size 8…well, let’s just say that wasn’t a good idea LOL. I enjoyed reading about Anne Frank. We just recently started the play though ;)

I really need to catch up on my anime. I have animes that I plan to watch, but has been on the Waiting List for quite some time now. To be exact; a couple years or months D: You can see why I need to catch up. Some anime that has been on my Waiting List are Clannad movie, Clannad season 2, Mushishi [must watch], Kara no Kyoukai movies, Haruhi Suzumiya season 2, etc., etc.

My plans; catch up on anime, focus on homework/projects, too lazy to write………

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