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Apr 17, 2010
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I haven’t done a ranting post in awhile, so here goes. Just an anime/manga update.
Bleach; I love how the anime showed how their Zanpakutos come to life in the current episodes. It’s interesting to see their personalities and design character. But it was somewhat of a filler for me. It’s weird how they just go right back to the Aizen situation. I still love Bleach though. Bleach is awesome and will still be =] The manga is really intense too. I just want more and more -eek!-

Katekyo Hitman Reborn
; The anime is going kind of slow at the moment. But the manga is best as ever. I kind of miss the fight with the Millefiore and all =[ But I hate how there’s a new situation just right after they get back. But I do love how there’s a new Mafia group. It’s really getting me excited. All their personalities are a bit alike in some way. Like Hibari and Adelheid. I also like how the Mafia stuff are finally involved. Tsuna’s attitude is kind of pissing me off though. He says he doesn’t want to be the 10 Vongola Boss and then when they’re fighting he agrees to it. Make up your mind dude! xD But it’s probably just that Tsuna hasn’t realized what he truly wants yet. =]

Ouran High School Host Club; I just d
on’t get why everyone wants a second season. I am happy with the way Ouran is right now. I don’t need to see it in animation form or whatever. I mean, all good things must come to an end right? Well, for the anime anyways. xD The manga, Tamaki is pretty much the main character at the moment with his situation and I like that. It’s like showing another side of him. I love how Haruhi realizes her feelings for him, FINALLY!!! I can’t wait to see what their plan is for Tamaki to meet his mom. =] That part was my favorite. It was just so heart felting. Can’t wait for Haruhi and Tamaki to get together!

Gintama; The most hilarious anime show ever! It just makes me laugh in every single episode full of its parody-ness. It ended with 201 episodes. It is sai
d that Gintama still has more, but the creator has decided to stop for now. So Gintama has not ended yet and I can’t wait to see more and the upcoming movie =] Since Gintama always surprises me with its interesting comedy and random episode, I wonder what the movie will be like.

Kuroshitsuji 2; I am not too excited to see the second season. It is just not the same without Sebby and Ciel. I might watch this season, and I might not. I’m just curious. Maybe it will reveal more about the first season. Who knows?

Darker than BLACK - Kuro no Keiyakusha Gaiden; T
he 2 OVA revealed alot about Hei and Yin’s past. It’s really showing how Yin became the way that she is. It was worth watching, I guess. The preview of the next OVA REALLY revealed alot. I love how Yin’s feelings are coming into place, but then again its a bad thing =[ I just love these couples so much =]

Sukitte Ii na yo; I love this manga. It is so romantic and nice. The drawings are amazing too. Kurosawa, Yamato seems like the PERFECT boyfriend! He’s so sweet and nice and kind, he cares for almost everyone, he’s fair, and romantic. He makes me blush all the time. I love him and Mei together. I just hate how Mei is always acting weird around him. But I just think that she just hasn’t truly realized her feelings for him yet and I hope she does soon =]

Giant Killing; I haven’t seen this currently airing anime yet, but I definitely want to. It sounds like Eyeshield 21. It also seem very interesting, like a drama, and it actually have a purpose in life if you know what I mean. But I am not sure if I should see this. I’m not really into the animations :/
Cliche Animes; There has been alot of cliche animes I have heard of like Kaichou wa Maid-sama! There has been so many anime/manga about food/baking cakes/cafe. Another relation is that one of the character has to be forced to go out with the opposite sex. Example animes are; Kaichou wa Maid-sama!, Arakawa Under the Bridge, etc. These are currently airing. When I read the summary, I knew I didn’t want to watch them. They both have one person forcing someone to be their boy/girl friend. It just makes me wonder why that person would want to force them into going out with them. Like I said, very cliche. I just wish there was SOMEONE who agrees with me >:[
Well, thats it and Sorry no pictures this time. Peace out!
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