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Apr 18, 2010
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Today is Sunday and I feel like shit and not just because tomorrow is school either. I only had time to watch a few anime, so I decided to watch an episode from Beck and Soul Eater = 2 Episodes total. Not really proud of it.

Beck ep. 16; I was really surprised at what Ryusuke and Eddie were talking about in the beginning of the episode. The episode wasn't really exciting though. It just showed Beck performing, selling CD's. Nonetheless, Beck is awesome.

Soul Eater ep.15; This episode wasn't really eye catching for me. But I did love how it focuses on Kid and Liz and Patty. They finally have their own episode. ^^ I just love Kid and his way of symmetry LOL. It was really surprising to see that guy with the pink hair, forgot his name. I think he was the Black Dragon or something. I can't wait to see him and Kid fight. I'll have to watch it another time.

Well, it is currently 4:19 PM and I have to go to my Algebra homework.

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