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Apr 1, 2010
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So it is finally my Spring Break. w00t!!! Today was also our pep rally and half day. I just love pep rallies. They are so loud, spirited, fun, and funny. I was in such a happy mood today =]

Okay, so its 11:29 PM at night over here. xD I'm still up, but I'm going to bed soon.

My parents are leaving to go party over at Wisconsin tomorrow leaving me with my 2 obnoxious brothers. One of younger than me and the other one is older. My parents are coming back on Easter Sunday. Speaking of Easter...I'm going Easter egg hunting! LOL I am so childish XD But its going to be so fun. I'm going with my cousins and we're using our playground/park backyard thingy. I can't wait x3

I just love April. Everything happens in April: spring break, little brother's birthday, Earth Day, Holocaust Day, Easter, everything!

Manga Update;
Ouran; I actually thought Tamaki was going to laugh when Haruhi said she loved him, but it was ust a dream. Thank goodness LOL But I DID wanted Haruhi to tell Tamaki she loved him =] And Tamaki's mommy came! Awww I just love it how they're working so hard for Tamaki to finally meet his mother and how the story is revolving around Tamaki and Haruhi. Something interesting is going to happen... ^_^
KHR; Well, the battle between the Millefiore is over. It's kinda sad, I missed that fight already =] But I just love how everything gets interesting so right away, with the new characters coming in. It's going to be REALLY interesting ^_^ 8DD Why cant they update faster?!! =] KHR is the best :)
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