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May 14, 2010
Bleach 403 Posted at 8:06 PM 0 comments (+)
This chapter really got me going. It was so surprising. Okay, so Aizen transformed again. I got kinda scared, and thought his new transformation was a little weird and over the top. But I guess it fits the situation with the Hyougoku and all. I was so frickin pissed, I just wanted Aizent to die already. I was surprised that Urahara would attack, along with Isshin. I was more surprised when Yoruichi showed up. Good thing, she showed up. She just makes everything better, considering how strong she is. The story is getting really intense and is always ending with a cliffhanger, which sucks.. I wonder who will defeat Aizen though. Will it be Ichigo? I mean, he is the main character which of course he's strong. Or will it be Urahara? Or will it be a group of Shinigami defeating Aizen? Somehow, I get the feeling that the people Aizen beat up, like Hitsugaya and Hiyori and all the other Shinigamas and stuff will come back, but I'm probably wrong. They got beaten up pretty bad. But I dont know. We'll just see what happens.

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