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May 12, 2010
Bleach ch 402 Posted at 6:29 PM 0 comments (+)
This chapter was kickass as ever. Urahara is really quite awesome. It was nice to see Urahara blasting attacks to Aizen one after another. It seems like Aizen is in deep shiet right now, but I doubt so. Its like nothing will defeat this guy at all, which pisses me off so. Is there anything this guy cant take? Im thinking Aizen will probably find a way to get out of this mess left by Urahara, but Im also quite not sure. By the looks of it, he looks pretty confused as to what is happening. Its also nice to see different kinds of kidou, and more of Urahara's abilities. Anyways, I just love how someone awesome just shows up whenever the Shinigamis are is trouble. They just save everything and it makes me have faith that theyre gonna win, of course. So, to be honest I have completely no idea what is going to happen next. Either Urahara will win, Aizen is hiding some more power, someone is coming along to help Aizen, or whatevers. Who knows... Its all a mystery to me.

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