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May 12, 2010
Bleach ep 270 Posted at 6:21 PM 0 comments (+)
This episode wasnt too surprising for me. It mainly just showed Ichigo being beat up by Ulquiorra. I knew this would happen anyways. Ichigo would get beat up first by an enemy, and then suddenly goes back to his normal self and defeats the enemy. There wasnt anything interesting going on and I have to say, this episode was quite slow for me. Nothing really happened, except that Ichigo was getting beat up. As much as I love Ulquiorra, I wish Ichigo would kill him already. Ulquiorra is getting quite mean now, so I'm kinda pissed or whatevers. According to ANN, episode 272 will show that Ichigo will defeat Ulquiorra. The fight's not long of course, but I do love how Ichigo is going to get this strength back. Oh and just saying but.. Rukia x Ichigo FTW! =]

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