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May 15, 2010
KHR 184 Posted at 12:35 PM 0 comments (+)
This episode wasnt surprising at all. I predicted what was going to happen, with Hibari and Ryohei getting their worthy of inheritance, to Hibari saving Kyoko and Haru. If you look at it from episode 183, you could tell what was going to happen then. The only thing that surprises me was when Chrome showed up. We still dont know where she went, and Im very curious. But I think its probably once of Mammom or the first guardian of Mist's illusions. Chrome looked kinda weird in the previews they showed us too and Haru's and Kyoko's expressions looked weird. The previews are sucking right now. They barely gave us anything to look forward to, except beside the fact at what happened to Chrome. At the end, the first guardian of the Mist said something that confuses me so. I had no idea what he meant. I wish they would just hurry up and get to the action already. We'll just have to see what happens next.

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