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May 12, 2010
KHR ch 288 Posted at 6:37 PM 0 comments (+)
I dont know why, but KHR just doesnt seem to interest me any longer. The story is going kinda slow for me, but at the same time Im very curious about the chapter/characters/etc. Im looking forward to what the Shimon Family can do. I think the next chapter will reveal that, or maybe not. The rest of the chapter just shows Ryohei and that Aoba kid fighting and talking mostly. It really didnt show anything interesting at all. But the end of the chapter was pretty good I guess. I wonder if we do get to see the 9th Vongola Family or whatevers. Its kinda cool that the author brought that subject up. And for the record, Tsuna is really pissing me off. Why cant he just make up his mind and have some common sense? At first, he'll disagree about being the 10th Vongola Boss. And then later, he'll change his mind, blah blah blah. Oh and another thing. Im really glad the author brought the Vongola/Mafia businesses back up. It shows how much the manga has improved and all and we get to see more of the information/action/details. This chapter of the manga might be interesting too.

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