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May 15, 2010
KHR ch 289 Posted at 12:52 PM 0 comments (+)
This chapter is kinda like what is happening in the anime, except its different and the situation is different. Im also kinda excited for the next few chapters because I want to know what the Shimon has up their sleeves. In the middle of the chapter, it shows that Chrome, Ken, and Chikusa finds some food sent from Julie. I was actually liking that part, Julie has a common personality. Those kinds of personalities(perv, loves womens) tend to be funny. Anyways, Mizuno Kaoru feels uncomfortable playing baseball in front of other people, so Yamamoto decides to dress like vegetables with the help of Haru, Futa, Lambo, and so on. I have to say, they look pretty hilarious in those costumes. It just cracked me up. Anyways, when Kaoru throws the ball, it disappears. Im very curious at this point. Maybe the Shimon is actually very strong. Im kinda pissed too, Yamamoto is supposed to be the baseball freak here. It also shows a small picture of that girl in the Shimon family. The last 2 pages tells us that someone is already interferring with the ceremony with Tsuna not realizing it, and I think that it is the Shimon Family. Things are finally getting interesting. ;)

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