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Feb 28, 2011
Quitters on CR. Posted at 5:41 PM 2 comments (+)
Many people I find on Crunchyroll have 'quitted.' Or in other words, they decided to not come on the site anymore. The only reason why they left is because other people are doing it. They keep saying how boring it is when they're missing the whole point of Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll is an anime site, not a graphic site. There has been multiple sitings of graphic groups. Here's how it all starts. I can't say it's exact. This is just what I so happen to think based on observations and such.
1.) People thinking they can edit, open graphic groups. Graphic groups are popular. I'm not sure why. It's just fun, I guess? It was cool back then because people were actually mature and good at graphic editing. But now, the trend is beginning to die. There's just too much of it now. There's barely any good editing users on Crunchyroll that I've seen.
2.) Alot of people have left because of school. I get that. But when I see on their profile saying something like this: "I quit. It's too boring. Bye." I get pissed. Is the only reason you visit the site is because of these graphic groups? Crunchyroll is an anime site. I don't see why people never get it.
3.) Because people have quitted, alot of others have quitted too. The popular graphic users left the site, so many others decided to leave too. It wasn't the same without someone superior to all of them. Even though this may be, there were still some who stayed to keep it alive or whatever. The graphics I see now are really boring, blah, dull, not inspiring. They don't know how to use their IMAGINATION.
The reason someone leaves the site is because they can't deal with graphic stealers and the fake people there. Maybe if you stopped focusing on graphics so much and see the real point of the site, maybe you would have a much better reason for leaving the site. I mean, I still visit the site because I actually want to talk to my friends there, look for updates on animes, post in the forums, etc. I still haven't completely left. Hopefully, you see my point...if it made any sense at all. o.O

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