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Mar 23, 2011
Fallin' back to you. Posted at 5:09 PM 2 comments (+)
I've been extremely tired these past few days. I really just want to take a nap right after school, but I have all these things I have to take care of that it seems to be impossible for me to rest. Luckily, Spring Break is only a few days away and everything is finally falling into place. Everything is finally ending or on hold until after Spring Break. I just want my Spring Break now. I really need a break from school. Everything's been pissing me off.

Aside from my sad, furious moods there are also some good thing(s) I want to talk about. It's hard to admit this, but I played Club Penguin again this week. I haven't played it in sooo long. -.- I sound like a dork for saying this, but I actually miss how fun it used to be. Of course it's not as fun now, but the feeling's mutual. LOL. You want to know how I interacted with Club Penguin again? Well I was talking to my cousin on Facebook and asked her what she was doing. She said she was playing Club Penguin. I had no idea she even played that, but it's true. She just went back there because she was bored. I assume she just goes there to do the missions because she's always leaving me/on a mission everytime I come online, haha. Well anyways, I decided to go on it too, thinking it'll be kind of fun playing games with her. I was surprised I even remembered my password LOL. I remembered my username easily because was easy lol. Going sled racing was my favorite game. I love going sled racing lol. I love going to the 4 player sled race. Don't mean to brag, but I am the best at that. I also win and everyone always lose. It's sad to know that there isn't any competition so I can't show off my mad skills :(

Ahem, anyways...I will say no more. Talking about this makes me feel young again for some reason lol. But this really makes me feel dorky and nerdy :/
(Didn't get to talk about some other good things, but that's ok.)

New Theme. I really like this one. One of my favorite blogger had this theme a long time ago and I really liked it, just never had the chance to use it.

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