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Mar 31, 2011
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I love music. Music is my life. I listen to many genres of music. Well, it's mainly if the song sounds good to me, then I like the song. Good lyrics is also what I look for in music. I'm trying to listen to more variety of music and listening to more songs from artists. I've been listening to more of The Pillows. I only have 'Scarecrow' and 'Hybrid Rainbow' from them in my Ipod and I want to listen to more of them. I like exploring through artists and their works. "I'm musically challenged." My sisters says I am. I'm not sure if that's true though lol. Oh and I listen to Japanese and Korean music more than American music. My sister is the opposite, ha. I don't like calling it 'Jpop/Kpop' since I also listen to Japanese/Korean rock, indie, techno, etc. and basically anything that sounds good to me.
Some of my favorite artists (Japanese/Korean only :P)
  • Epik High (K) = The best hip hop/rap group ever. Their style is very interesting and unique.
  • RADWIMPS (J) = I usually don't listen to Japanese rock, but there's just something about their music that I love. The singer's voice is mesmerizing. They're not like the other rock bands out there with the loud music and deep voice. They're truly talented musicians.
  • ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION (J) = Like the saying goes "Don't judge a book by its cover" you should really give them a try. Their type of music is very beautiful rock.
  • Standing Egg (K) = Their music makes me feel content and happy. They just have a nice peaceful tune to their works.
  • Loveholics (K) = This group consists of many various and talented artists from Clazziquai to Park Ki Young.
  • Ayaka (J) = What I love about her is that she has such a cute face that makes you think her voice is gonna sound all cutesy and annoying, but no. Her voice is actually very strong and sophisticated.
  • Yozoh (K) = She has a very nice sweet voice, but she doesn't sing in a cutesy annoying way.
  • Dear Cloud (K) = It's kind of like a rock band. The singer is a girl, if case you're wondering. She gets mistaken for a guy alot. Her voice is so strong and soothing though. Their music is very beautiful.
You can tell I don't listen to those popular groups like Big Bang, SHINee, SNSD, etc. I don't know. I just don't find any of their music to be...good to be honest.

Any song/artist recommendations? =]


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