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Mar 5, 2011
happy birthday mom ♥ Posted at 4:58 PM 3 comments (+)
My family celebrated my mom's birthday today. My little brother really wanted to. So my parents went out and bought a cake and food. My mom bought a family griller yesterday and we used it today. I was so glad my big brother wasn't here to celebrate with us. He went to work so he missed out on all the fun lol. It was just my family, the 4 of us.
The cake:

The griller was really cool since I've never used one before. It's kind of like the ones you see in animes where the main character and his/her friends go to restaurants and they use those grillers. It was way better than our old one. It's like it made the food taste so much better. I was so bloated. I felt like I was going to die D: I'm still alive though.

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