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Mar 11, 2011
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I had a really good week even though it was pretty hectic. Alot of things happened this week. In a good way though. It's been a long time since I've had these kind of days/weeks. I've been in such a good mood and I don't want anything to ruin it.
Things that happened this week:
  • My aunt's grandma died. My mom and my brother has been going over to her house to see if she was going to die or not. Just to keep her company until the time came. Eventually the time came and well...yeah. :(
  • I listened to Big Bang for the first time. Their song 'Tonight.' I listened to the acapella version since it showed up on my Tumblr dash. I actually like this song after listening to the original version a few times. It's not really that good, but it's good enough for me to like it.
  • Took 5 quizzes and wrote 1 essay. I could not concentrate my studying at all.
  • Watched new episodes of Dragon Ball Z. That was why I couldn't concentrate studying lol. I love DBZ Kai. The episodes was so intense and I got to see Vegeta! My hubby is such a badass ♥ lol. dork.
  • Went to the library. I haven't gone to the library/read any books in sooo long. It was a nice feeling going there again. The picture above was what I borrowed. I've been in the mood to read lately, so yeah :)
  • My dad's planning a funeral with his friends and he made me make these name tags. He kept telling me to change everything. I do not like this >:( I have to put the name tags in the name plates and it's taking me forever. I'm taking a break right now. Ugh. I hate doing these...
  • My cousin created a Tumblr. lol. I was the one who told her to so we can talk on there.
  • We're doing Impressionist Paintings in Art. I really like painting these kinds. My pieces turned out pretty nice. But now I'm getting kind of tired of painting.
  • Earthquake in Japan. It shocked me. I found out right after I got home and school and went on the Internet > Yahoo. Pray for Japan and hope that everything turns out okay and please donate to help them ♥
  • Etc, etc, etc, etc
  • Plans this weekend:
    • Read 'The perks of being a wallflower.'
    • Reedit blog.
    • Edit.
    • Work on Science Fair Project.
    • Finish name tags.
    • Homework.
    • Watch anime.
    • Etc, etc, etc, etc.


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