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Apr 11, 2011
Girls' Day/Night Out. Posted at 6:18 PM 2 comments (+)
About my day yesterday. I was out all day yesterday hanging out with my cousins. I was extremely busy today, so sorry if everything seems to be rushed >.<

So yesterday morning my family and I woke up to celebrate Cheenou’s birthday. He turned 9. His cake was chocolate and he got a beyblade toy thingy lol. I didn’t take any pictures because I just woke up and I was very lazy. So my aunt called and told me to get ready because we were going shopping. I waited like 2 hours for her to come pick me up. I was growing impatient and thought we weren’t going to go shopping now, but she came. I was happy. Yes. She was late because she was getting ‘I don’t know how to spell her name’ ready. So then we went to our cousins house and picked them up too. It was Mai See, Kia, Angel, Mai Choua, Sunny, and I.

When we got to the mall, we went to Charlotte Russe first, but there wasn’t anything good there at all. I was seeing the same thing over and over again. The only thing I liked was their jewelry. Anyways, I found this cute cardigan and this really nice shirt so I went to try them on. The shirt looked really cute, but then I turned to the back and saw that the back was completely naked. Omg I had no idea lol. I tried it on anyways, but it didn’t look good on me. The cardigan looked okay on me. I didn’t know if I wanted to buy it or not. I decided not to buy it in the end since it made me look even shorter. That’s the thing I hate about shirts sometimes. When I find something nice, it doesn’t look good on me because I’m too short. Anyways, we were all waiting for Mai See (she’s the oldest). We were just looking around and being foolish. I asked Angela if she wanted to buy one of the big bras and she laughed and told everyone else what I told her lol. Nobody bought anything. Mai Choua was about to get these two shirts, but she put them away because nobody else was getting anything and she didn’t want to be the only one buying something lol. We looked at the jewelry for the longest time and I got some earrings.

We all decided to go to Wet Seal and ditch Mai See lol. We actually found alot of nice things there. I thought it was kind of funny how Angela wasn’t looking for anything for herself, but for either Sunny or Mai Choua, ahaha. I found these two shirts, but again they didn’t look good on me. I ended up getting only the black skinny jeans and these pair of flat shoes. Mai Choua was the one who bought alot of shirts. We all looked at her like o.o Angela bought a pair of polka dot flat shoes and Kia got these two skinny jeans. Mai See spotted us and payed for us. These are the pair of flat shoes I got.

We went to Forever 21 next, and it was just horrible. It was extremely hot in there and it was crowded. We were all complaining about how hot it was. There wasn’t anything good in there so we went out and sat in the benches and talked and fooled around. We also picked each other’s boyfriends when we saw ugly guys walk past us. There was alot though. I guess that was the most fun for us all so far lol. That’s the good thing about knowing another language. We get to talk and gossip and other people won’t know what we’re talking about lol. We were just waiting for Mai See again. Angela saw this store and said to us “Hey you guys wanna go to Vietnam World?” We were like Omg wtf lol. Then we turned to what she was referring to and it was called Vitamin World. Not Vietnam World. Lmfao. I don’t know why, but that was just very hilarious every time I think about it. After all that foolishness, we walked around trying to find Victoria’s Secret and I got blisters on my feet. We saw Claire’s first, so we went there first instead of Victoria’s Secret. There were some good stuff there, but I didn’t get them because they were just little things I didn’t really need. Like these cute earrings I saw were penguins, smiley faces, ice creams, etc. and these nail polish and junk. Sunny, Mai Choua, and Angela were the ones that were getting a whole bunch of ridiculous stuff lol. Mai See had to organize everything before paying because she wanted all of us to get the same amount of items. We got rid of alot of things and everyone ended up buying 1 or 2 things. Idr. I got a charm bracelet and a makeup kit.

We ended up going back to Forever 21 to get some makeup stuff. It was really hot in there so we wanted to hurry up, but we actually took a long time in there. We looked and found some nice lip gloss for us all and Angela spent hell of a long time looking for a purse. We all kept telling each other to hurry up because it’s so hot in here. I got some makeup remover and a lip gloss.

After all that shopping, we went to go eat at a buffet and talked about those good times and what not.

Then we went to go see a movie. We wanted to go watch Insidious, but Angela didn’t want to because she was scared lol and because they didn’t show until 10:20 and it was still 8:30 pm. We watched Red Riding Hood instead. It was actually quite good. But we got there about 40 minutes early. So to waste time, we took a whole bunch of pictures lol. Mai See and Angela went back to the bathroom because Mai See forgot her phone in there. So were just texting, getting distracted, and looking at the cameras when all of a sudden BAM! we heard a loud “Welcome! Please be seated…” It scared the shit out of all of us lol.

Sorry for this long rant btw. I just had alot of fun with my cousins because I never get to see them often. :)


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