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Apr 29, 2011
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I know I haven't been posting/active these past days, but I'm back now. These past few days were busy for me and I needed more time to rest. Alot happened too...well not really lol.

I did visit my Aunt and Uncle this weekend :) I had alot of fun which made me smile and laugh more than usual, which I needed. I learned how to play Monopoly! Lol. I thought that game was pretty stupid until my sister showed me how to play it and it's actually not that bad. I'm very bad at that game though, haha. I also played The Game of Life. Somehow, that game has become addicting. I rock at that game! I won a few times. There was this time when my sister and I played it at night and I was last place, but then I won because I had the most money in the end! I also got a few clothes from my sisters. They gave it to me because they either didn't want them anymore or they didn't fit them. Free clothes, so yay~

I also got chased by a dog. I was never close to dogs before, so I was terrified and scared. The dog was very friendly and well trained though so it didn't do anything harmful. So here's the story:
My sister, the little kids, and I went outside to the yard (they live out in the country, so the yard was huge) to close the chicken coop. After that the kids went over to play with Uncle Tony. I guess he came to do something. Anyways, so my sister and I decided to take some stupid pictures of ourselves, but then I saw the neighbor's dog run our way. My sister was so brave and I was so scared omg. I ran away from it, but the dog followed me T_T That all slowed down a bit, and my sister and I walked it back to its place. We guided it by using sounds and noises we learned from watching Dog Whisperer lol. Hey, it worked! I don't know if I'm still gonna be uncomfortable being around dogs though...

I did NOTHING for Easter. I was in the car the whole day driving back to Michigan. I might do something this weekend with my cousins though. If it doesn't rain, we might go to the zoo, which I am excited about. I haven't been to the zoo since the 5th grade. If it does rain, we're just gonna have a party. We still don't know yet though.

I won't rant on for too long =] Aren't I nice? Haha jk.

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