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May 31, 2011
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So I went to Angela and Kia's birthday party yesterday. There wasn't much people there since it wasn't that big of a deal and they only invited a few close people. We ate pho and cake. I didn't take much pictures yesterday like I said I would. My battery was extremely low /sob. But, anyways I snapped about 3 pictures of my cousins when they weren't looking. I think they'll be pretty mad if I posted them up, so I won't lol.

After all that birthday cake, Kia, Angela, Sunny, Maichoua, and I wanted to go to the mall, but we didn't know if it was open today. So we went to the basement to check on the computer. We couldn't find their number, information, etc. because we were looking for different things. Angela started typing in "What Macomb Mall numberfg knsdjke?" Lol. I thought that was funny since it looks like some Asian fob would say. But then, Maichoua came down to tell us that it was open. All that was for nothing -.- So Kia's mom took us there. We went to Deb first. This was my first time being in that store, so it was interesting seeing what they had. Overall, their stuff was pretty decent. Although they have alot of stripe stuff. We each bought 2 pairs, Angela bought 3 pairs, and Maichoua didn't buy anything. I bought a pair of shorts and a cardigan.

I snapped a photo of Angela and I too!

Maichoua and Sunny were trying on many different sunglasses lol. I took a photo of them, but it's blurry.

When we went to pay, it was $113.34. We didn't expect it to be that much >< Kia paid and I paid the 34 cents. After that, Kia had no more money at all lol.

So we walked around and went to Charlotte Russe, to try on some shoes, Wet Seal, Old Navy, and Payless, but there wasn't anything good there. We went to Claires next. We were looking at the nail polish. I painted a white nail polish on my left thumb to see how that looked, haha. Maichoua and Sunny were trying on so many different colors and smelling them lol. The register worker girl kept staring at us. Kia told them to stop so we won't get in trouble. Lmao. We left after that. We also went to Hot Topic, but everything was expensive there. We saw some really cute Domo shorts, but it was expensive and we didn't have enough money. We saw these really squishy toy thing that felt like clay. The touch and feel of it was so addicting! Lol. Maichoua slapped Sunny with it. Lmao. Then we went to Sears. Maichoua and Sunny left us and went on the escalators. They looked so stupid lol. A bit later, they came back down. They told us they asked a worker where the other escalator that went down was. Lol. Angela was the only one that bought a shirt there. When we went to pay, Maichoua was being foolish and kept posing next to mannequins and posters. Sunny was taking pictures of her. Lol. It's so weird how it's always Maichoua and Sunny being idiotic, haha.

We went to see Scream 4. We went early, so we played around at the small arcade. Angela and I wanted to play that Hooky claw toy thingy, but we sucked. Lol. It made all of us so pissed. I was the closest. The claw picked up the head of a pink teddy bear, but it didn't even carry it up. The claw thingy is so WEAK! I am never playing that game ever again. Maichoua and Sunny wanted to play this shooting zombies game thing. They lost. Lol. We all didn't know how to play.

When we were about to head to the movie area, Angela tripped a little boy. She was walking ahead of all of us and talking to us at the same time. She wasn't paying attention and a little black boy ran and he tripped and fell. Kia saw the little boy running and was wondering if Angela was going to stop, but she didn't. Lol. It was somehow funny. Everyone was staring at us. Omg. Angela even made the little boy's shoe fall off and his cup of chips spill. She was like "Omg! I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Sorry!(In Hmong) I'm sorry!" Lol. It was funny and embarrassing at the same time. We were having a conversation about this before the movie for the longest time. Lol. Angela got mad at us, but you can tell she wasn't that mad.

It was finally time Scream 4 started. We went and sat in the very back right corner.

The movie was ok. It wasn't that scary. It just made you jump alot. There was alot of blood and a bit of gore that made us cover our eyes. I jumped so much during the movie. Omg. We had popcorn and Sunny kept eating it so much. Lol. After the movie ended, she said it was because the popcorn was very good lol. Anyways, the culprit was also unexpected. That girl (forgot her name, but I think she was the main character) was crazy at the end. I was like "Damn, girl!!!" the whole time she did/said something. Lol. The movie was ok overall. We were all a bit scared afterward. We went home after that. We waited outside for their mom to come and pick us up.

It was a really fun day. Since I barely go out, it was a pretty special day for me. What I loved was that we acted stupid the whole day, but we acted stupid together. Lol. :)

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