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May 3, 2011
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I'm getting sick. I repeat: I am getting sick. Well, I'm not that sick lol. I just have a slight sore throat. It hurts to speak :( So the perfect solution for all this soreness = hot tea. Tea solves everything, I swear. "Drink tea to prevent getting sick." My mom told me this a long time ago, and ever since I've been drinking tea lol. This wasn't the only reason why I haven't been sick though.

So yesterday I went to the library to go get 'The Alchemist.' My sister said it's a really good book and it focuses on the meaning of life and the common sense. Everything that's said is so true and stuff like that. So I'm reading it for my book report in English. I haven't began reading it yet though...
Hi, I go by Valerie on the net, but my real name is Hleeda~ I have a never ending obsession for the men of BIGBANG. I adore penguins and fireworks fascinate me. This is just my own little world.

Don't be shy. Browse my blog a little bit if you care and enjoy.

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