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May 7, 2011
Really now?.. Posted at 3:42 PM 4 comments (+)
So I found out today what has been going on around Tumblr.

Apparently, this 4chan guy is trying to hack Tumblr because Tumblr 'stole' memes from them and didn't give credit. So they made a whole bunch of accounts with weird letters and numbers mixed and are following a whole bunch of people hoping they'll follow back. Once that happens, they're going to post tons of inappropriate photos on their Dash. I saw a post on my Dash saying that we should not view their page since it could lead to viruses and stuff. I'm shocked because I viewed one yesterday night. And today it says that I've a few gained followers, but they're not shown at all on my Follower list.

I just thought it was funny how some guy would actually go that far. Ha..ha..ha.... If I'm correct, isn't 4chan a site where people can upload pictures and stuff like Photobucket? Not exact, but isn't it similar? Idk. I haven't checked out the site. And it's the Internet for crying out loud. People steal all the time. And aren't memes for everyone? Seriously, people need to get a life. o.O

This is basically my reaction.

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