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May 17, 2011
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Sorry for the lack of posts lately >< I've been busy. School will be over soon though.

Well, this weekend was fun. My sisters came over to visit and I had so much fun. We went over to our cousin's house to chill at the party. We did each other's makeup and we all looked horrible. Lol. We played cards most of the time since there wasn't anything else to do. It was very fun and funny though. We walked to the Dollar Store and the store owner kept looking at us thinking we were going to steal lol. There wasn't any good candy there so we left and went to CVS. CVS was across the street and we all looked so stupid crossing the street lol. We were scared, you can say. It was also windy and a bit cold and it was drizzling out. That was fun.

On Sunday, we went over to our cousin's house again for my sister's birthday. We had cake. It was delicious :) Then we played cards again lol. Then we ate pho. That was also very yummy.

I know, it sounds very rushed >.<

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