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Jun 7, 2011
Commencement June 6, 7:00pm Posted at 3:42 PM 1 comments (+)
It was my brother's graduation day! I'm so proud of him. I honestly didn't think he would make it, but he did. I had nothing to wear, so I just wore something simple. I also wore my mom's heels. They made me look so tall ;D But it hurt so much. It was a size 6 and a half. I got blisters from it :'( I had to put band aids on 4 of my toes after. The parking lot was full. I thought we would never find parking space, but this security guard led us to an open spot, woot! My parents were like "Oh, these Americans came early, huh." Lol. The graduation felt so long omfg. But it was only 2 hours -.-; First, the graduates came in which took so long then the principle talked, and then the choir singed two songs. After that, more talking and more long speeches. Then finally, the graduates received their diploma one by one. That took the longest of course. My brother was one of the graduates that got the most/loudest applause. Everyone chanted his name loudly for a good 5 seconds Lol. I thought it was going to end, but a graduate gave a long speech. And then it was finally over. It was so crowded omg. I almost lost my mom and my little brother lol. We made it out alive though :D Then we took a whole bunch of pictures.

Here's my whole family! My aunt took the picture. I'm the one in the purple shirt at the far right wearing glasses if you cant tell. Lol.

And here's my brother and my mom.

Here's some more.

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