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Jun 24, 2011
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Somewhere in July, my family will be moving to Wisconsin. My parents wanted to move there since most of our relatives live there and my sisters live there. I really can't wait to move and get out of Michigan. When I officially move, like when we have our house and all our stuff are unpacked, I'll be so happy I won't have to see my classmates again. I won't have to see you guys' face again. So long bitches! Lol. Anyways, we just started packing. Well my mom and I are the only ones actually packing while my brothers lay back, continue to enjoy life, and play video games and my dad is too 'busy' to help pack. I hate it when the girls always end up doing everything. -.-' Ok, back on topic here. We already packed some things in boxes. I hate packing so much. I don't have a problem packing my own stuff, but I hate packing other people's. Lol. I just do. Packing is so annoying ;A; The boxes are so heavy. My back hurt so much from failing to carry them. ;_;

My parents are going to Wisconsin for July 4th weekend and they're taking the boxes that we have packed already to my aunt's house for the time being. I really hope my parents don't chose a crappy house for us to live in. My parents are planning to buy a house out in the country since my aunt lives in the country too and stuff. I really don't want to live in the country. Sure, it's quiet, but it gets boring. On my 3 weeks in Wisconsin last year, staying with my aunt/sisters, I've learned that living out in the country gets boring since there's no one around you. They don't have Internet either, so it was a bit boring. Out in the country, I think you only get 1 hour Internet access and then you have to wait a few more hours or minutes to use the Internet again. You're also far away from stores and the such. I don't want to explain more of this. Lol. It's complicated to explain. Just hope all this packing and moving won't be too much of a hassle.

On another note, some of my cousins are going to Michigan Adventure today. They'll be back Sunday. I really wanted to go since it'll be fun and better than staying in the house and I also have nothing better to do, but my parents don't want to go. My parents are such bores sometimes, which I hate. I kind of hate how I barely have any freedom. I'm going to be so jealous when they come back and show me pictures. T^T My cousins are really close and all. So when I spend time with them, I always feel so left out ._. I feel glad I'm not going since it might be awkward and all, but at the same time I really wanted to go too.

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