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Jun 5, 2011
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In English my teacher assigned us another project last Tuesday. Thankfully it's our last. This time we have to do a Photo Essay of our journey in life and that stuff. We need 10 sections - one for each year of school. Each section should be devoted to something important that happened during that year. And then we have to explain that event and why it's important. I really had no idea. I tried looking for pictures of important events, but I couldn't find any. Most of the pictures were taken at birthday parties, fishing, at random, etc. I quickly made some events up, but I still need a few more. I'm doing a PowerPoint on mine. I'm editing all the slides on Photoshop first and then putting it on PowerPoint.
My progress so far:

I know, it's horrible. I don't have the paragraphs written yet and I only have 4 slides done out of 10. Ugh, this is such a hassle. It's so hard trying to find pictures for this. I'm not done yet. As I go along, I'm of course going to add more adjustments to it and the such. This is due this Wednesday, so I really need to get going. This is stressing me out. This is really not like me. Usually it turns out really nice, but for some odd reason it is turning out horrible. The only ones I like so far is the first one with the horse and the last one where it looks all green.

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