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Jun 20, 2011
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Hey guys! So I'm back to blogging now because I haven't been doing so in awhile because I was extremely busy. Well, a few things happened on my days off so I'll be blogging about it all in this one post. Firstly, studying for my finals was a real struggle, but thankfully I passed all my classes. I'm just glad school is over with.

Second, my brother's graduation party was on Saturday. It was okay I guess. It was fun, but it wasn't great. I got ready for it a bit early, haha. I curled my hair first and I did it a bit too early so my hair didn't look as great as it used to. Then my hair messed it all up so it didn't look curly anymore I wore stockings with my dress and it was so uncomfortable, ugh. It was too short for me so I had to stretch it a bit more. Not fun.

Family picture! ... My posture is so weird omg I hate taking pictures outside. The sun is always in my way so I'm always squinting my eyes which makes me look weird and junk.

The whole speeches and stuff took so long. After they did all that, we ate. The food was horrible. There wasn't much choices to choose from. I think there were only 4 different kinds of foods there. Ugh. The food was just terrible. My cousins and I mainly went outside and just did whatever we could to have fun. We didn't get to take a GOOD group photo though. Lol. Our group photo is on my cousins' camera. I forgot to take one.

Ahahaha look at these gays. Lol.

On Sunday, we went to the Father's Day party at Metro Park. We almost didn't go, because my parents had to go shopping for food, but my brother and I wanted to go so my brother started to cry and junk. So my parents just decided to go. It was so much fun. Our cousins picked a nice spot. There was a nice volleyball court there with sand. I added the sand part because I've never played volleyball on sand before. Again, my cousins and I didn't get to take a group photo, but that's ok.

Aha, there's Keira! Or is it Anna... LOL I can't tell who this is! Phab Va's kids look the same! LOL.

We had some events for the fathers since it was Father's Day. The first event was a watermelon eating contest. Angela and them's dad won. Lol.

They also did a water balloon toss. They did it wrong at first. They were supposed to move back each time, but they didn't do that. LOL. So they restarted and did it the right way this time.

They also did a two legged race, played soccer, and volleyball. And let me tell you. They were waaay better at playing volleyball than me and my cousins. Lol. My cousins and I mostly played volleyball and talked. But we mostly had to walk back and forth to the bathroom. Lol. It was so annoying. We had to go there to fill up water balloons, take the kids to the bathroom, go with someone else to use it, fill up the bowl with water, etc. Lol.

I had a nice weekend overall. I just wish I did more things like this because I am absolutely very bored on my summer vacation. I honestly have nothing to do. UGH. Okay. I'm moving this summer though. So hopefully, I go out more often this summer and get a nice tan from the sun. Lol.

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