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Oct 22, 2011
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Hey guys! It’s been awhile since I have used the Internet. As in using it for 6 hours straight, haha. I miss everyone so very much! It feels so weird blogging right now. I just wanted to post this short rant about what’s going on in my life as of now and ever since I moved to Wisconsin. I definitely miss blogging and I’m really missing out on anime. I really need to catch up, but our Internet is sucky so it kind of sucks =[ And since I haven’t really blogged something in a really long time, might as well post something because I miss everyone. Unless you don’t want to read this boring post about my life, might as well stop yourself right there. So... to begin, moving here was such a hassle. It took me awhile to get adjusted to the new area I’m living in. I think we’ve been living here for about a month now? Well, we don’t have a house yet or anything. For the time being my family is staying with the aunt and uncle. So there’s like what 12 people living in this house? Yeah, it gets crazy sometimes. I hate living like this sometimes. The problems I have about living here are 1.) The trash can is ALWAYS full. 2.) There’s never any toilet paper. 3.) There are always dishes in the sink. 4.) Drinking water runs out fast. And of course there are waaay more problems, but I’m not going to get into detail here. The Internet connection sucks over here so I can’t really do anything on the Internet since its limited. I really miss my life in Michigan sometimes, but its not that bad over here either.

As of school, everything’s the same. The school is weird, but I’m okay with it. I made some friends too, ha. The people over here are really nice. It’s not so bad. It took me awhile to get adjusted to everything. I’m still not that adjusted yet, but ya know. I have also joined some clubs for once. I’m in Art Club and Japanese Club. So far, its not that exciting yet. I still hate school though lol. There’s just something everyday that makes my day go downhill. Since I’m new to the school and all, I feel lonely sometimes since I don’t know anyone :/ Another thing different is that I ride the bus to school now. And the people here actually try to get good grades. I never realized how smart these people are lol. I feel so stupid in my Algebra 2 class because I feel like everyone in my class is so much smarter than I am lol. The grading system here is also a bit different. That’s what I hate about this school. In Algebra 2 I would be getting an A- back in Michigan, but I have a B+ here :/

My life has definitely changed since I moved. Everything feels so different. I’ve changed A LOT since coming here. The things I usually do I don’t do them anymore. The things I’ve always wanted to do I did them. And there are some things that I just can’t change about myself, even if I really wanted to. So that’s that. I will definitely be blogging more often from now on...if my Internet doesn’t die on me everyday.

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