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Jul 31, 2012
T-ara: Hwayoung leaves T-ara Posted at 3:48 PM 0 comments (+)

If you're a fan of kpop you already probably know about the whole T-ara/Hwayoung situation and is probably tired of hearing fans rant about it. Care to read another one? Hehe.

I don't follow T-ara, but I listen to their music and their hit songs are pretty catchy (I do have to admit), but then I started hearing about how the members of T-ara are treating their new member badly. Many rumors are saying how the T-ara members are bullying her and a whole bunch of other nonsense. This whole thing seems a bit ridiculous for me though. Whether its because she's being bullied or if she's acting unprofessional, I'm not sure that leaving the group was the smartest thing to do. I mean, there could have been so many opportunities for T-ara and the CEO to settle everything, but unfortunately they didn't. Hwayoung has also been a part of T-ara for about 20 months, why decide to bring up the "bullying" now? Did the bullying happen for awhile or.. I/we don't know the whole story so I don't know who to believe. There hasn't been much confirmation yet either.

Why can't they just tell us the truth instead of making up lies to cover everything. Stop beating around the bush. I don't entirely believe that Hwayoung was being bullied. It just seems a bit...weird. I also think its a bit crazy how fans demand T-ara to disband, not appear on shows/dramas because of this. I understand that bullying is a huge issue, but we don't even know the whole story yet. It's kind of rational to do such a thing judging them by their actions. If the CEO and T-ara just tell us the whole story behind all this then I guess I'll understand, but they're being cowards and are keeping their mouths shut. I blame poor communication and the "need" for additional members. If a new member is added to a group treat them with respect and give them some space. I mean come one, she's new to the group(when she first started), give her a break. So what if she made a mistake? She'll improve.

I don't really know what to make of this, really. Its just so...ridiculous.

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