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Aug 25, 2012
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I've pretty much spent most of my effort watching a kdrama today. Everybody went to the state fair or to a party except me and my sisters. My older sister had work at 4pm so she didn't go and I didn't feel like going to the fair this year. Last year was kind of fun, but not really. We did alot of walking, there were alot of people, it was hot, didn't do much. If everyone was going, I'm definitely staying home. I need a break from the family. So I stayed home. My sister did too. Don't really know her reason for it though. I've been enjoying my day today as it is kind of special. This is a first in a really long time where I can have time to myself and relax. No parents around, no little kids screaming and fighting, nobody to bother me (with the exception of my sister of course). So quiet and peaceful today. The weather is also nice. It's not sunny out, kind of rainy, but I like it. So I took the time today to watch a kdrama and enjoy music. I started watching Dream High 2 yesterday night. I figured it would be great to start watching kdramas again. The Internet isn't that good where I live, but it was fast this morning, but I only got through one episode of Dream High 2. I'm in the middle of episode 3 right now and it's still buffering T^T I gave up. I'll try tonight. Or tomorrow. I might end up watching one episode a day haha. My sisters and I went walking this afternoon at about 1:40 pm. We're going on walks everyday now. We didn't walk that long for it was sprinkling so we hurried back home and chilled. My sis and I had to close the chicken coops in the sprinkling rain. Atleast it wasn't pouring haha.

I wanna talk about Dream High 2 for a second. I've been muttering my thoughts to myself while I was watching it and I had to get it out lol. I'm only on the third episode, but...yeah. I don't really like the casting for this season. I knew it wasn't going to be the same cast as last time, but I prefer if they could have used some different actors. I love Kang Sora. She's so funny and I have no problem with her character. Jinwoon is also amazing at what he does and I love him. Jiyeon is what is bothering me. I don't really see her as the acting type and her voice is a bit annoying. She does fit the conceited and stubborn type though. I'm just not feeling her acting. Hyori and Ailee barely have a role in this..yet. I also feel like the plot could use alot more work. Nothing's happening right now! What's the main issue right now? Hopefully I get to see more connection with the characters and development. I really want to see Park Jin Young make a move. If only my Internet was better..sad lyfe.

I'm loving Seo In Young's new single Anymore right now. This is my first time listening to her. I googled her up not long ago and found out she was in the group Jewelry. I had listened to Jewelry a few times when I was younger. I can't believe that's her now. She kind of sounds like Park Bom to me, but I can definitely distinguish their voices. Anyways, I like how this song starts out and the electro-pop beats. I usually don't like electros, but this kind of electro is fine for it's not exaggerated. I love Seo In Young's voice too.

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