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Aug 6, 2012
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Good morning~* Getting ready for the day *yawn* So I haven't posted anything this weekend because family came over to help with building the house. If you didn't know, my uncle and his parents are building a house for themselves so they can live in it and enjoy life. They started working on the house about 2? months ago and its located next to my aunt's house (which is where I live right now). My other uncle is a pro at building houses (he went to college for it) so he's also helping. Well, mostly every adult guy in the family is helping. We're family :) So this weekend while the guys are working on the house, us girls are cooking for them. We butchered some pigeons, chickens, and some ducks lol. We did some grilling and boiling. So I pretty much cooked and babysat all weekend, which is why I couldn't really get my hands on the computer.

My aunt Kelly has a cute little booger named Noah who is only a few months old or a year old and he is the most adorable thing ever. He's so chubby lol. My aunt Susan has this 3 year old son who has such big eyes, but is such a trouble maker. That's why I like him lol. Anyways, we might be doing the same thing every weekend from now on to get the house done. It looks pretty awesome right now though. All that's left is to add in the walls, flooring, furniture, and some pipe works here and there.

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