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Aug 7, 2012
It was a crazy thing to do Posted at 2:25 PM 0 comments (+)
I edited this piece last nighto. I needed to get back to my photoshopping mood so I decided to play around and try out the new textures I got and try something different. I spent quite a while editing this piece since I haven't edited anything in awhile and the crazy, public atmosphere around here made me feel a bit..rushed. I can never edit something with people around and my bro was around playing video games so I didn't feel tranquil idk lol. I'm weird. I like to edit by myself, so that way I can be myself and be goofy hehe. It also lets me know that I don't have to do any chores. I like to get everything over with before I begin editing anything or everyone leaves the house and then I can begin my mission(s). It's almost impossible to find some time alone by myself now a days. *sigh* I need some new inspiration T-T If anyone knows any flippin tutorials, do let me know :)

Anyways, I'm not too satisfied with this. It seems like its missing something to me. Urg I couldn't figure it out, so I left it as it is. Too frustrated with it. If you're wondering this is Sungjae of BtoB and the line "it was a crazy thing to do" is from their song Irresistable Lips. To be honest, I haven't even gotten the chance to listen to these guys yet I'm editing a picture of one of the members lol. My mom walked past me and saw my edit and said "Is that a Korean man? He looks like a girl..ugh." Lol haha..oh mom.. At least she knew he was Korean.

On another note, I'm pretty excited to hear from Tasty2wins, a new duo group. I usually don't like to give rookie groups a try until it's been a year or so since they've debuted, but lately I've been breaking out of that habit."Who are these cuties?" was the first thing that came to my mind when I first heard about their upcoming debut lol. I am also enjoying their name, Tasty, hehe. After saying Tasty2wins repeatedly (don't ask why) I realized it sounded like Tasty Twins.. I'm so slow lol. Saw their teaser too and can't really expect much of anything. It's nice to hear from another male duo group though. I'm getting sick of all these new girl groups coming out. It never stops, does it?

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