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Aug 10, 2012
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My two sisters and I went shopping at Rosedale Mall yesterday. A friend of my older sister showed her the place and it has a lot of nice stores that aren't useless and its way closer to where we live so we don't have to go all the way to MOA or Maplewood to check out stores. So we went to check the mall out and what not yesterday.

The first store we went to was Lily Star. It has really nice clothes there, but they were expensive. They weren't really that expensive, but they still were expensive and we didn't feel like spending a lot of money yesterday. There was no one else in the store besides us so I felt a bit weird. The next store we went to was Dry Goods. We hadn't planned on going inside that store since we've never heard of it before, but I took a peek inside and saw a cute blazer and just had to go inside lol. We browsed the place and found a whole bunch of cute stuff, but again they were expensive. The Sale section was still a bit pricy too. Everything was around $30-$70. Sad life. We figured it wasn't worth it. The store is a lot like Buckle, but with more cuter stuff though. We later found out that Dry Goods had just opened recently so that was why we had never heard of it before. We went to Sephora next and got the Urban Decay Naked palette for $50. My sisters had been wanting to buy it. They are so obsessed with it lol. I tried it on today and its really pigmented and nice. It is a high end product though so of course its gonna turn out awesome. Then we went to Aeropostale. They have some new stuff in stock yup. I tried on a skirt, a grey short (was on sale for $8 - good deal~), and a sweater. I ended up getting the grey short and the sweater. They looked good together and the skirt made me look a bit short.. The sweater was a bit long, but I can manage. Plus it was on sale for $24. My sister also bought a pink chain necklace there (jewelry were on sale for $5 each). She's been bugging us about how chain necklaces are in haha. We went to American Eagle next, but there weren't any good stuff that we really liked. Instead my older sister bought two jeans and a plaid long sleeve shirt for her boyfriend.

Before leaving, we decided to eat at Ruby Tuesdays. I liked how the place looked dim and it looked very nice and ..classy? lol. I've never eaten there before, but the people there were very nice and actually asked us questions and stuff. I ordered the Broccoli and Chicken Pasta. I was feeling pasta yesterday :) My sisters ordered the Chicken and Mushroom Alfredo and a steak with asparagus and rice (forgot the name of it lol). My pasta was so delicious. I actually finished eating it too. It had like a Parmesan taste to it. I might actually order pasta every time I go there now hehe.

To finish the night, we borrowed a movie from Redbox. We got "Friends with Kids". It's not that bad of a movie. Its kind of a friends with benefits kind of thing. It's pretty predictable, but the storyline is alright. I enjoyed watching the guy and the girl develop feelings for each other and how things were going to turn out for the characters. The movie is pretty funny too.

Here's the photos. Didn't take much though.
The sweater and grey shorts from Aeropostale.

Whaddup! My sister and me at Ruby Tuesdays, waiting for our orders. My other sister kept making me laugh so I was having a hard time smiling lol.

My Broccoli and Chicken Pastaaa~~

Chicken and mushroom alfredoooo


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