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Aug 22, 2012
Shopping Haul/School Schedule Posted at 5:17 PM 2 comments (+)
Hey everyone~ So I went shopping this Sunday and was meaning to post up this haul post the following day, but I was extremely busy and couldn't get to it until today. Also, I went and got my school schedule changed on Tuesday! I'm so happy I got the classes I wanted now. School picture also turned out well :) So I'll start with the shopping haul first.

The cute flats were from Famous Footwear. I got them for $15 on sale :) Aren't they cute? Hehe. Its a size 6.5 which was a bit small on me (the toe area was a bit small), but there wasn't any other size so I took it. It's a Jellypop brand.  This is just some of the stuff my sisters and I got while we were at Famous Footwear, Ulta, Walmart, and Bath and Bodyworks.

I got this foot scrub at Walmart for $2.97 for my cruuusty feet. I've been going outside alot this summer doing alot of garden work and walking here and there and my feets been crusty ever since. So I got this foot scrub to see if it'll give my feet some pleasure. That sounded weird lol. I've been using it everyday since I got it and its really working. You can see the change immediately and I'm just in love with this.

This Facial Peel-off Mask in Cucumber is from Ulta. I love facial masks so we got it. I just used it the other day and it is amazing. It's one of those masks where you apply it on dry skin then wait about 5-10 minutes and then you peel it off. When you peel it off, it feels like when you're sunburn and you're peeling your skin. Ya know what I mean? Lol. I don't know about you guys, but that feeling when you're peeling it (whether its the mask or sunburn skin) feels so cool. I was like "OMG this is so cool." Lol. Of course I rinsed off afterwards and my skin felt very smooth and great.

These are the Loreal Infallible Eyeshadow. We had bought some before in the past and were in love with them so we bought some more at Ulta for $7.99 each. They're really pigmented and are true to color. From left to right they are: 557-Gustening Garnet, 222-Infinite Sky, 335-Golden Emerald.

The two Maybelline's Master Drama eye liner is from Walmart in Vibrant Violet and Sapphire Strength for $6.47 each. We've been meaning to get more color liners, but was always hesitant on buying them. But I tried on the Vibrant Violet the other day and it came out really nice and glides on smoothly and the color isn't annoying. I would definitely recommend this. The two Covergirl mascaras are from Ulta for $8.99 each. I love Covergirl's mascaras because they don't clump and it separates my lashes. For me, it enhances my lashes a little more than other mascaras. Since I wasn't wearing any mascara that day I applied on the Lash  Blast 24Hr on my left lashes and the Waterproof one on my right lashes lol. They pretty much look like the same thing so nothing special there. At the end of the day I had totally forgotten that the Waterproof one was even waterproof haha.

Our bathroom has been smelling like pee lately and we've tried everything to get the stink to go away, but nothing worked. We cleaned the whole bathroom, but I think there's a permanent smell to it from the floor towel we keep in the bathroom or something else. So we went to Bath and Bodyworks and bought a wallflower for it. I love their wallflowers so much. We actually bought 5 scents. The one we used for the bathroom was Lemon. I think buying a wallflower for the bathroom did the trick :) We also bought 2 Eucalyptus Mint (for my older sis's room + it smells goood), Pineapple manga (it smells like smoothies), and Paris Amour (we have the body spray and the lotion).

To wrap up the day, we went to see The Expendables 2 at 7:20 with my older sis's boyfriend and their friend. I have never heard of the movie before, but I didn't want to stay home so I went. It wasn't that bad of a movie. It was pretty funny and the action was decent. Too much guns though. So that wraps up the haul. We bought other stuff too, but I don't feel like blogging about everything.

On Tuesday (yesterday) my sister and I went to go get our school pictures taken. We went at 9:00. I think our pictures turned out fine. The photographer let us see our pictures and mine looked fine...I think. I'm blind and I wasn't wearing my glasses so I couldn't really tell, but I think they were OK... That didn't take very long. Next, I had to go get my schedule changed so we went inside the Counselor's Office and waited for my Counselor to be available. It took awhile, but the wait was worth it.

Here's the changes I wanted made to my schedule. I messed up alot hehe...:
1. Find out if there's a different teacher teaching Pre-Calculus. I had Schmidt and didn't want her again.
2. Double up on Spanish. Go to Spanish 3 and 4.
3. Get out of Team Sports and go into Individual and Dual Activities.
So I found out that Schmidt was the only teacher teaching Pre-Calculus. Boo. I'm stuck with her again, but I guess that's fine. I got an A in her class last year, so hopefully it'll be fine this year. I just have to really pay attention. I got into Spanish 3 and 4 though so that's good news. I have it with my sister too lol. This'll be fun. I didn't get into Individual and Dual Activities though. In fact, I don't even have a gym class this year. All classes are full, but I might stop by later during the school year and get it changed OR I can just take a gym class next year. So here's my schedule. I'm pretty satisfied with it :)
Term 1: Spanish 3, American Lit B, Chemistry, Precalculus
Term 2: Spanish 3, American Studies 1, Chemistry, Precalculus
Term 3: Speech, Digital Media, Spanish 4, American Lit C
Term 4: Graphic Design, Accounting 1, Spanish 4, American Studies 2
School starts September 4th...

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