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Sep 29, 2012
F. Scott Fitzgerald's Way of Love Posted at 6:37 PM 3 comments (+)
In English, we've just began reading The Great Gatsby by none other than F. Scott Fitzgerald. Is it weird that I loooooove his name? The way it sounds, it just sounds so classy and cool lol. I don't read books much. I find them quite boring for its always hard to find a nice decent book. The only books I'm interested in are mangas. I'm not a reader. But I actually really LOVE The Great Gatsby. We're only on Chapter 3 right now, but it's so interesting and I resist the urge to read ahead. I want every moment I spend reading it to be special and shocking. Fitzgerald's writing is so sophisticated. I'm so glad that his writing is not as boring as Hemingway's. Oh gosh, that was a difficult and painful time. There's quite a few words that I have no idea what they mean, but its easy to read and I actually get what's going on. The story line is so sweet too. One's unrequited love. T^T How sad. I just love unrequited love stories, sniff sniff. Love stories in general, I just love. They're so romantic, weep weep. The title came from 2am's latest album lol.

There's a new movie coming out soon and I will force my sisters to go watch it with meh! Leonardo DiCaprio is playing Gatsby omg how wonderful will that just be. Tobey Maguire is playing Nick yes what a perfect role for him. I can't wait until it comes out. I watched the trailer yesterday and it was pretty intense. I have a feeling it's going to be a good movie. There's gonna be some nice eye candy in this movie lol.

Here's my face btw. I haven't posted any photos in awhile, so here's me :3 This is from a week ago when I didn't attend school because I was sick. Stayed home that day and took pictures haha.

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