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Sep 8, 2012
First week of school/OOTD Posted at 9:06 PM 0 comments (+)
This week has been hectic because it was the first week of school. I couldn't blog or do much because I had homework x.x Because of school and the short amount of time I have at home, I will probably be blogging atleast once a week and that will be on the weekend (sad). The classes I'm taking are Spanish 3, American Lit B, Chemistry, and Precalculus. My Spanish 3 class is very small. There's only about 20 students in it and we're such a quiet class lol. No one talks or volunteers very much. I don't think the teacher like our class very much haha. American Lit B is a bit boring right now. We did alot of reading and taking notes so far. The teacher likes to do alot of random name calling which I don't like. I can't decide whether I like her or not >.< I don't like my Chemistry class. There's alot of people I don't know in that class. There's also alot of people in it and stuff. Science is my worst enemy. Why did I sign up for Chemistry? Lol. Hopefully I do well in that class. My Precalculus class is alright I guess. The people in my Precalc is a bit annoying though. What we're learning right now is pretty easy so that's good news. 

One thing that has changed is the school time. It's now 15 minutes later and I hate it. Since my sister and I ride the bus, we've been going out early waiting for it and it's so annoying. Its normal time when it picks us up is around 6:25, but it comes around 6:45 now. We've been waiting about 10 minutes for it to come pick us up this week. I'm not too happy about it. On Friday we went out at 6:35, but it was raining. We stood under one umbrella at the end of our driveway waiting for it to come pick us up for what seemed like the longest time. Then it finally came at like 6:55. It was late. I was pissed. 

I'm sick though. I've been sick this whole week. Someone gave me strep throat and I've been drinking tea and taking medicine ALOT. It got better, but then I started to have runny/stuffy noses and coughing alot. I don't like being sick. Arrg. I hope I get better soon >.< The weather has been colder than usual lately. It would have been nice if summer lasted a bit more, but oh well. It's gonna be a loooong, cold winter. Yikes. I hate winter...

It's a bit late, but this is what I wore on the first day of school. I'm going to be doing OOTDs every now and then too ^^ Shirt= TJMaxx, Shorts= Aeropostale, Belt= I stole it o.o
My little cousins are going to school now, starting Kindergarden and Pre-K. It's so cute seeing them go to school. Alicia is going to Pre-K and she just loves it there. Since she has it in the afternoon she'll consistently ask her mom if its time to go to school. Haha she's so cute. Ashley is starting Kindergarten and I always wonder how she acts in school since she's a bit troublesome and weird lol. Whenever we ask her what she did in school today she always replies: We ate lunch and we played in the playground. Haha kids..

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