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Sep 18, 2012
Katekyo Hitman Reborn CH. 400-402 Posted at 5:19 PM 0 comments (+)

I feel kind of bad for not blogging as much, but I can't help it. It's not something I can control. I didn't go to school today though. I was sick. I was coughing a lot yesterday, but it got a little better. I just decided to stay home. Whooping Cough is going around at my school and I didn't want it to get worse and wanted my friends to catch my cold or anything. I want to recover fully before going back to school. I don't have Whooping Cough though lol. Had a good sleep today haha. I'm not coughing as much today so that's good :D Good news! Looked up my grades online and I did super good on my math test! I'm so relieved haha. So glad I did good on it. I didn't do so good on my Chemistry test though :(

Anyways, on with KHR~ Like I had expected, Verde was no help at all. He failed. It was too predictable and I am sad. I would have liked it if Verde had bigger role in this, but it was just to buy time for Tsuna to save the day. I was extremely giddy and excited when Hibari came though hehe. He finally decides to show up. His entrance wasn't exciting though. He just kind of came in... Hibari and Mukuro were able to hold Jager off a bit, but nothing major. Weird how Tsuna figured out Bermuda and Jager's plan, how Jager was able to recover so fast. It's so not like Tsuna lol. If it was someone else I would have got it, but Tsuna? Doesn't happen everyday. On the other hand, it was a sign that Tsuna is growing and getting more serious with things around here. When Bermuda released his true form my jaw dropped. Well not really, but I was shocked. I totally forgot that they could do that. Why does his curse released form look so weird? His cursed form looks weird too, so I guess it matches. I'm sick of how everyone "thinks" Bermuda is so strong and is the shit and are scared of him. Bermuda is too cocky. Tsuna is getting beat up for sure. And here it comes. Reborn releasing his curse. Finally! The moment I have been waiting for has arrived! I still think its funny how Tsuna is so clueless as to who he is. This part is rather better than what has been going on for the past few chapters. Haha I just realized I was listening to B.A.P's Power while reading Reborn and Bermuda's fight part lol. It matches so well. I am screaming so hard on the inside right now. Reborn drew his gun. I had predicted that the shot was meant for Tsuna, the Dying Will Bullet, and I was right. Touching moment right there. It brings back memories ♥ Even though Reborn's curse released form was only for a short amount of time, I didn't mind this chapter. I wonder if Bermuda is going to stop smiling lol. Looking forward to the real battle this time.

On another note, check out Nylon Pink's English cover of Big Bang's Blue. It's super awesome and rather good than other covers I've heard. They just add their own spark to the song. They're aweshom :3

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