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Sep 29, 2012
Katekyo Hitman Reborn CH. 403 Posted at 5:59 PM 0 comments (+)

Well, there's not much I can say about this. The Dying Will is inserted inside Tsuna and a new Tsuna comes out from him. Did that make sense? Anyways, he's stronger now. Obviously. The flashbacks and speeches brought back some good memories though. It was really touching and I was even about to shed a tear or two lol. It's interesting what the Dying Will Bullet can do. I sure hope Bermuda isn't defeated that easily by Tsuna. I mean, he's evil and should be dead, but there was so much emphasis that he was really strong. Surely, he has other tactics. This is how I see it coming: Bermuda is shocked by Tsuna's new strength, he loses his concentration and goes all out (maybe?), but Tsuna is stronger and defeats him. Hopefully, I am wrong. I would like to see more of Bermuda's powers, but there's also the limit of the curse released form. I don't think I'm going to see a long battle here. Referencing to Bleach, I liked that the battles Ichigo faced (with Ulquiorra ♥ and ...) were long and suspenseful. Ichigo got stronger of course, but it wasn't that easy defeating Ulquiorra..kind of. Ulquiorra didn't really get defeated by Ichigo, but Ichigo did an amazing amount of damage to him :( Anyways, I would have liked it if KHR's battles were more like that. Like Tsuna's battle with Damon Spade, it wasn't that wow. Let's just see what happens when Bermuda unleashes his final move. I can't say its predictable though.

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