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Sep 15, 2012
Quick update/OOTD Posted at 5:12 PM 2 comments (+)
It's finally the weekend!!!!~ This week went by suuuper slow for me. I'm just glad its over with T^T. I had tons of homework this week and I had to study for a vocab quiz, grammar quiz, and a math test that was on Friday. I also have upcoming tests next week. I was super stressed... Still am. I probably failed my math test too :'( Arrgh I need to procrastinate less. There's barely any time for me to blog during the week, but its not that bad. My classes right now just SUCK. Well, enough of school right now.
My favorite fanfiction finally updated yesterday! I was so happy lol. The chapter is super long though and I am still in the middle of reading it. It's such a good fanfiction and I was looking forward to it for so long. Her reason for why she haven't updated it was because there was a terrible storm where she lives and flooding was involved. :( I'm glad she's back now though ^^ I still have to read the latest 2 chapters of KHR too. I'm so tired from reading though lol. I saw Silent House a few days ago. It was kind of dumb and wasn't even that scary. While I was watching it, I was pretty scared lol, but by the end of the movie I just thought it was so dumb. It was like an "Ok?" feeling. Elizabeth Olson's acting wasn't bad though. It was pretty good. Kudos to her. My sister rented Hunger Games from Redbox a week ago and I have yet to watch it. I want to watch it, but I don't want to. Lol. I'm not really into those kind of movies/genres. I might watch it later tonight though.

I can finally continue watching Dream High 2 now. I was on episode 13 for the longest time. Ahhhh. Episode 14, here I come! I totally know what's going to happen next. It's kind of like from the last season. Urrg, at first I was so obsessed with watching it (I need to watch my drama!), but now I just want to finish it already. JB is so annoying right now. Just sayin.
Anyways, nothing new is happening yet (besides school, but I don't wanna bore you guys with that), but here's my OOTD. I wore it a few days ago. The sweater is soooo comfortable. I need more sweaters o.o

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