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Sep 23, 2012
"Sukitte Ii na Yo" Anime Adaptation Posted at 5:00 PM 0 comments (+)

I've been in my anime mode lately. I haven't been in my anime mode in awhile since my Internet doesn't load videos as fast so I can't watch anime :( But I just found out yesterday night while scrolling through my tumblr dash that one of my favorite mangas, "Sukitte Ii Na Yo", will be adapted into an anime this fall. Watched the PV and was giggling to myself and being giddy through the whole thing.You guys seriously don't know how happy I was when I found out. How did I not know of this until yesterday night? I'm still so excited right now lol. I can't wait for it to air, even though I probably won't get the chance to watch it, sad lyfe :( Takahiro Sakurai will be voice acting the voice for Yamato, one of my favorite seiyuus, so I'll be looking forward to that. Haven't heard of the seiyuu for Mei because I haven't watched any animes with her in it, but from the PV I think it might match Mei well enough. I'm not one for shoujo anime/manga, but I really like Sukitte Ii na yo. It's more mature and not as annoying as other love shoujo mangas. The art is also to die for. Yamato I love you! *3*

Took a look at Fall 2012 Anime too from RandomC. I'm actually quite psyched for this fall's anime season. There's a lot of interesting things to look for this season. New season of Gintama! I'm so looking forward to Gintama. That anime makes me lol so hard. There's a third season of Bakuman too. I was like there's a THIRD season now? Fuck yeah lol. I haven't even seen the second season x.x Bakuman is pretty awesome though. I haven't watched any anime for well over a year now, but I might go back to watching it when I have the time and when my Internet loads good. I just never had the time to watch anime last year since it uses up a lot of MB and I started to have a lyfe... I started watching "When the Cicadas Cry" last/this summer with my sister though, which was pretty good. It was only scenarios, so I stopped watching it up to episode 7? I seriously can't watch anime with my sister at all. She asks so many questions, gets confused as to who's who, and gets distracted lol.

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