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Oct 18, 2012
Buuuuunns Posted at 6:42 PM 4 comments (+)
Hey you fluffly clouds of chocolate rice cakes! Yeah idk just wanted to try that out lol. Bubbi calls her watchers these cute names in every video so I wanted to try that out lol. Anyways, I watched bubzbeauty's latest video the other day (since it was only a minute long harhar), how to make a Korean bun, and decided to try it out. I thought it was just a regular doughnut bun... It turned out pretty good though. It's not like it's hard to do or anything. I just never knew how to make buns before. Whenever I made buns, I would always use a hair clip, but I had never even once thought about doing it this way lol. She made it look so easy. I also checked out her other hair tutorials because I had never done so in the past. Her videos really motivate me to do my hair every day haha...damn. Just something I wanted to share with yall :3 I can't get enough of my obsession with Textropolis o.O

On another note, I probably failed my Chemistry and Precalc test DX
Might be making pasta tonight ^_^ 

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