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Oct 5, 2012
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Heeey. I know I haven't been blogging much, but that's beside the point. I feel like my blog is so uninteresting lately lol. Nothing interesting has been happening, just normal everyday happenings :3 Well, here's an OOTD this week. I haven't been posting OOTDs for awhile. Mostly because I always forget to take photos haha. It's not anything out there, just a nice comfy sweater from Delia's. My sister found it in my older sister's closet. It was way in the back with the brown section. Thank chuu so much for finding this~ This sweater is so adorable. You have to see this irl. *o* I've been braiding my hair into pigtails overnight so that I get wavy hair the next morning. I make my sister braid my hair for better results. Kakaka. I live to ruin her life. I'll have to try to take more photos for the next few day.

I'm going to the College Fair next Tuesday. I was so worried I wouldn't get on the list, but I did. Booyah. What had happened was: I turned in my slip a bit late and my counselor said the list was already full (b.s.) so I had to check back later to see if I'll be able to go. So I did and I'm on the list so I'm happy. The College Fair is only for juniors, but some sophomores signed up for it and the counselors actually let them go. That's why the list got full fast. I'll have to make up work for Spanish, English, and part of Chemistry :p

The weather here is stupid. This week the highest it got was 80 degrees on Wednesday. It was hot. Like so hot. Then on Thursday it dropped drastically to 50 degrees. Today was even colder. I can feel winter coming already, closer and closer. When does fall come in? ;A; And I just realized that I always talk about the weather in most of my posts lol. I guess its a normal thing for me. The weather affects mah life too ya know :3

I'll be spending my night reading sappy romance anime fanfictions, tumblring, trolling around, and watching the new anime 'K' if I'm not lazy. The animation is AMAZING. Have you guys seen it yet? You should. The guys are pretty cute in there teehee. I need to watch another anime with super hawt guys that gets me going lol.
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