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Nov 13, 2012
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First day of snow yesterday. Yep. It snowed that morning. I like it when its snowing, but I really hate snow overall. After awhile I just want it to go away lol. But it just started snowing so I was happy yesterday. It was quite weird actually. It was snowing in so many directions, the sun was out, birds were flying, it snowed for awhile and then stopped and then snowed some more wtf is going on lol. After school it snowed longer. It was soooo cold T^T Because of daylights saving it gets dark around 5pm which sucks. I've been getting sleepy really early at like 6pm lol. Last year we barely had any snow, so I'm glad its snowing already :D But I just said that I hate snow overall so omg why am I contradicting myself. Some of the snow disappeared today though.

Last Friday my older sis and her friend went to a Korean restaurant omg. She took a video of the food they got there (which was a lot lol) and it was amazing. It looked like a real Korean restaurant I see in kdramas and stuff haha. She got us some leftovers because they couldn't finish it all. She needs to take us there next time omg. This is like one of my first time having a connection with Korean shtuff lol. She brought us these 'sushi'? It's not sushi, but it looks like it though. It had sticky rice in it with carrots, some pork, and veggies. I forgot what it was called, but they were delicious!! Fail photo, I was in a rush because I wanted to eat them haha.

Saturday morning my sisters and my little bro and I went shopping for Aunt Susan's baby shower this week. She's having a girl, ah~ ^^ I hate babies, but they're so cute sometimes lol. We went to Walmart because my older sis wanted to find a basket to put her stuff in and she wanted to buy a bath set. We ended up buying socks, hats, mittens, 2 outfits for when she grows a bit older, 1 pack of onesies, a blanket, and some other cute stuff lol. There were so many cute outfits there. That's the good thing about having a girl. You can buy her cute clothes ^^ We wanted to buy everything lol. So Aunt Susan's baby shower is this week and I think she's having it at our house (Aunt Tria's house). My younger sis said thats what it said on Facebook, the address was ours lol. So that means I get to go to this baby shower too lol~ They're new house is actually right next to ours, but they're still working on it, painting it and getting it ready. They're almost done and it looks really amazing right now. If they don't get it ready in time for the shower they're having the shower at our house.

Anyways, we went to TJMaxx after to find some other stuff, but they didn't have that much baby stuff. They did have a bunch of cute clothes there though :D I tried on this cute dress, but it was hard to get on and off T.T Polka dots don't suit me very well... The leather jacket looked sweet, but I felt claustrophobic, like I couldn't move around freely enough. It looked nice, but I don't think leather jackets are my thing. I've been into sheer stuff lately. I tried on 3 sheer tops, one was the polka dotted one. The other two looked sooo cute, but I had to choose one T_T I'm making different kinds of crying faces lol. We each ended up getting one top, all of them were sheer haha. My little bro was so bored and wanted to go home lol. My sister also bought some shirts at Charlotte Russe on Friday for us. She buys us a lot of things, so I'm thankful for her.

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